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Liberty Children's Home is a charity registered in England at the Charity Commission, No. 1136713
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This page updated 03/01/2015
Pastor Hezekiah originally rented one house for himself and his family and another, the first Liberty Children's Home, for the children. During the first visit, by two of the current charity trustees in 2004, the Home housed 12 children. In 2005 it was necessary for Pastor Hezekiah to move the Home, as the owner wanted to sell it. So he gave up the rental of his own house, and his family, with all the children, moved into one rented house, all together. So when the same two trustees again visited in 2006, they found that there were 20 children, plus Pastor Hezekiah's own family all living in the same house in a state of overcrowding. The rains brought further problems as the roof was not water tight, so this meant that the dry rooms became even more crowded. During this visit, they asked Pastor Hezekiah what was his greatest need and gave him a week to think about it. He eventually replied that his main concern was housing and that he would one day like to have a permanent home, not rented, for the children and his family. He showed them a piece of land that was available for sale, on the outskirts of the village, which was suitable for building a home, and on leaving, they gave him a deposit for the land, together with a promise that they would raise the outstanding balance. In November 2006 he purchased the land and in October 2007 the new Liberty Home was opened. As some of the children were college students the building was designated the "Liberty Children's Home and Student Hostel". The Home had separate dormitories for girls and boys, a dining hall, washrooms, toilets and a large, safe area outside to play in, something that they had never had before.
The first Liberty Children's Home in 2004
The second Liberty Children's Home in 2006
The history of Liberty Children's Home