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This page updated 03/01/2015
On Sunday 21st April this year, Mike Bradley ran the Virgin London Marathon for Liberty Children's Home. He finished in under 4 hours and raised more than 1200. The children at Liberty Children's Home wanted to say a big thank you and well done to Mike for all his efforts on the day and all the training he put in. The money was used to buy a new set of clothes and a whole year of notebooks for all the 50 Liberty children and there was enough left to buy notebooks for more than 100 of the poorest village children (in total more than 2000 books were purchased) and pay for a bore well to be drilled for a new water supply for the Home.
Mike Bradley runs Marathon in under 4 hours, for Liberty Children's Home
These are some of the village children who received notebooks for their school lessons. Without the books they are unable to go to school and complete their lessons, as the teaching format is for the children to copy questions from the blackboard and then write the answers in their books.
Once the village children hear that the books are being distributed, they soon arrive.
These are some of the Liberty girls and boys with their new books. They are given their new notebooks in June to last for all of the current academic year
This is a photo of the children in their new clothes. The boys received ready made shirts & jeans and the young girls received made to measure skirt & blouse, whilst the older girls had made to mearsure punjabi dress