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This page updated 03/01/2015
Liberty News - Page 5 (New Roof)
The photos show the roof that was completed in 2014. It is an open sided structure and here you can see the children in their after-school studying, under the supervision of a tutor. In the background there is some their clothes, that they had washed in the morning before school, drying.
Just over a year ago, Julia Yandle started raising money to erect a pitched roof over the children’s dormitories, in memory of her brother, Duncan, to create an area for the children to dry their clothes and study after school. This was completed and dedicated in February this year and is now in constant use. If you are familiar with Google Earth, the satellite photos have been updated and the roof can be clearly seen (if you enter Chintalapudi in the search box, you will see the village and if you enter 17°4’6.05”N,80°59’35.84”E you will see the blue and white roof of the Home).
If you would like to see photos of the construction and more detail, click on the button below and it will take you to our archived news.