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Liberty News - Page 4 (New Children 2018)
         Abhi (8) Abilash (8) Ajay (11) Akhi (7) Amar (7) Aswanth (7) Avinash (8) Jayasri (7) Kathik (6)
New children usually join the Liberty family at the start of the academic year, in June. This is the time when vacant places, created by children leaving through the previous year, are filled. In 2018, the number was 15 but we also, through increased donations, added another 8 new places, bringing the total number of children, that the Home provides for, to 52. As you can see, most of the new children were of junior school age.
        Michel (7) Naga Raju (11) Nrisamha (7) Navyasri (7) Nickil (4) Nickil (7) Praveen (9) Ramgopal (10) Sai Teja (8)
     Shamila (10) Sindu (4) Smily (6) Venkat (11) Vijay (10)