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This page updated 03/01/2015
Liberty News - Page 3 (Success Stories)
Sandyarani (18) has gained entry into nursing college. She will be resident at the college for the 3 years of the course, returning to the Home during holidays. We have committed to pay her tuition fees until she graduates. She has been at the Home since 2006 and does not have any parents.
Mounica does not have any parents and came to the Home in 2008. We think she is now about 15 and when she came to the Home she had not been attending school and could not read or write. She has received an education at the village schools and tuition at the Home and is now literate. She expressed a desire to learn tailoring and so we bought her a sewing machine and we are paying for her training with a master tailor in the village, whilst she is living at the Home.
Mahesh (15) has been attending the village schools and whilst he has done very well, he is more practical than academic. We have manged to secure him a place at a Honda motorcycle main dealer, as a trainee mechanic. He is still living at the Home but, each work day, he has to leave the Home at 7am and does not return until 9pm. The Home has bought another bicycle, that he can use, to enable him to get to and from work. He gets a small allowance from any money he earns and the remainder is banked for him to save for the day he leaves the Home.
Sudheer (24) was at the Home for more than 9 years. We supported him through Elementary and High School, then 2 years at college and finally university, where he graduated with a degree in engineering. This is a photo of him at his wedding in September 2014 with some of the children from Liberty Children's Home, who knew him when he was there. He is a good role model for the children, inspiring them to study well at school.