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Liberty Children's Home is a charity registered in England at the Charity Commission, No. 1136713
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This page updated 03/01/2015
The Home is in the village of Chintalapudi, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The village is growing and approximately 30,000 people live there. The Liberty children walk to their schools each day and the elementary and high school students study in buildings next to each other.

Whilst the primary purpose of our charity is to support the Liberty Children's Home and Student Hostel, we also recognise that there are many ways that we help people in the village. We have provided clothes for some children and each year we provide more than 100 of the poorest children, living close to the Home, with notebooks to enable them to attend school. Over the past four years we have donated ceiling fans for the elementary school and plates for both the elementary and high schools, to supplement the small number that they have, making it easier to serve the children with their government supplied mid-day meal. We have also help provide desk/benches for one of the High School classes and provided 2 benches for the doctor, who gives his time free to the Liberty children, so that his waiting patients have somewhere to sit.
These are the village elementary and high schools which all of the children from the Home attend.
New plates for school
Notebooks for village children
View in Chintalapudi village