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Liberty News - Page 4 (New Children)
Ashok and Sagababu are brothers, their father is dead, there mother has mental health problems and the mother and 2 boys have been looked after by relatives and friends.
June/July is the start of the academic year in the village schools and is the time that new children come to the Home, to replace those who have left. This year (2014), there were 7 new children. Most of the liberty children come from families where there are either one or two children. Where there are two children, we do try to accommodate both of them, to give them a happier childhood.
Kanchana (7)
Ashok Kirran(11)
Praveen (11)
Srikanth (9)
Devaraj (10)
Sagababu (10)
Ashok (12)
Kanchana and Srikanth are brother and sister. Their father died from alcohol abuse and their mother stopped caring for them, so were living with an uncle.
Devaraj (the v pronounced w) and Praveen are brothers. Their father died from alcohol abuse (at one time he was the cook at the Home), his mother re-married and the new husband does not want the boy living with them.
Ashok's father died some time ago and his mother was struggling to earn enough to look after the boy, so they were both living with grandparents.