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Liberty News - Page 2 (London Marathon)
The roof erected in 2014
Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving
Contact details:
Liberty Children's Home
123 High Road, Wilmington, Dartford,
Kent. DA2 7DP
If you would like to support this project, please click the Virgin button below and it will take you to Doug's "Virgin Money Giving" page. There you will be able to sponsor his run, using the secure Virgin site for credit/debit cards or PayPal with the option of "Gift Aiding" your contribution.
However, should you prefer to sponsor Doug with a cheque payment, made payable to "Liberty Children's Home", then please use the contact details below, right. Please remember that if you are a tax payer and you have completed and signed a Gift Aid form (click on the box below to download a form) and enclosed it with your cheque, your donation will be increased by 25% by the government.
In 2014, money was raised to erect a roof over the children's dormitories to provide a drying area for their washing and an area for after school study. The area has proved to be very useful and it was enhanced in 2016, when a wall was added along one side, to provide protection when it rains. The floor area is only poured concrete and the children would like to have the floor tiled, to make it easier to keep clean and provide a cooler and more even surface for the them to sleep on, during the very hot summer months. The total cost is approximately 3000 and all money raised will go towards this project. Any outstanding balance will be raised at car boot sales through the coming year.
Doug Hunter is a trustee of the UK charity Liberty Children's Home. He is 66 and this is his 4th London Marathon. His training is going well and he is hoping to beat his 2015 time of 4 hours 1 second (see photo). On this occasion he raised money towards the cost of solar power for the Home, which has now been installed and working for more than a year.
Also, as an alternative, you can sponsor Doug by donating DVDs, CDs and PC&video games, which the charity will sell to raise money. If you choose this option, either send or drop off to our address or email to arrange collection.
Area beneath the roof
The new wall
Rendering the wall
The area for tiles