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Liberty Children's Home is a charity registered in England at the Charity Commission, No. 1136713
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This page updated 03/01/2015
Liberty Children's Home and Student Hostel in January 2013.
The first Liberty Children's Home in 2004
The second Liberty Children's Home in 2006
This is the current Liberty Childrens just after completion of the building in 2007
Inside one of the dormitories
Inside the dining hall
There have been two previous Liberty Children's Homes, shown in the photos on this page. Both were rented houses and whilst they provided somewhere to live for the children, the living conditions were not ideal. They had very little security of tenure and if the owners wanted to sell the houses, they could be asked to vacate the homes at relatively short notice. Also, as the number of children increased, it was becoming more difficult to find and afford large enough houses to accomodate them all. Following funding from the UK, Pastor Hezekiah purchased 1 3/4acres of land in November 2006 and in October of 2007, a permanent home was opened on the site. The Home has separate dormitories for girls and boys, a dining hall, washrooms, toilets and a large, safe area outside to play in, something that they had never had before. Fruit trees were planted to provide shade and fruit for the children and now, as shown in the above photo, it is becoming difficult to see the building.