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This page updated 03/01/2015
Once the Liberty Home was built and occupied, it was obvious that as the number of children in the Home increased, there would be a need to increase the amount of funding from the UK. With the uncertainty of the global economic situation and the ability of people to continue to donate, as well as the volatility of exchange rates, we felt that it was necessary to establish a project near to the Home that would eventually support up to 50 children. After discussions with Pastor Hezekiah, we decided that we would help the Home develop a water buffalo dairy farm, which would sell the milk production and generate an income. Land was purchased in July 2009 and over the next 12 months, the land was cleared and fenced and a bore well drilled to provide water. The first buffalos arrived in June 2010 and today there are 15 adult female buffalos, 12 female calves, 1 adult male buffalo, 1 cow and calf and one female ongole and calf (the ongoles are the white breed of cattle that are typically seen pulling carts and ploughs). It is early days and the farm is still developing before its income will support the Home, but we are regularly producing and selling more than 1000 litres each month.

The farm has always sold the milk to a dairy or shop but in November 2013 it started selling the milk directly to customers from its own shop. With demand greater than supply, all the milk is sold each day.
The Liberty milk shop
The buffalo sheds where the animals are fed and milked
Cow and new born calf
Ongole cow
Cutting grass for the cattle
Two new buffalo calves
Azolla tanks
The male buffalo