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Liberty Children's Home is a charity registered in England at the Charity Commission, No. 1136713
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This page updated 03/01/2015
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Good news as the Liberty children start growing up
Sandyarani gains entry into nursing college
Mounica starts training to become a tailor
Mahesh starts training to become a mechanic
Sudheer gets married
London Marathon
Gordon Watson will be running the London Marathon on 26th April 2015, to raise money for Liberty Children's Home.
7 New children accepted at Liberty Children's Home
June/July is the start of the academic year and is the time that new children come to the Home, to replace those who have left. This year ther were 7 new children. To find out more about them, please click the box below.
Funds raised by Julia Yandle result in errection of new roof over dormitories.
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